Colyton mock exams... what do we provide?

  • During each Colyton mock exam, your child will sit 3 unique papers. These papers are only available at The Exam Suite. Paper 1 and Paper 2 cover English and Maths questions. Paper 3 is a Creative Writing task. 
  • Our papers and answer sheets are written in the Future Stories format & style.
  • Answer sheets are personalised and have student information printed on the front (just as they will in the real thing).
  • Detailed results and specific feedback.
  • Very quick return of results, usually the same evening and always within 48 hours.
  • Age comparison included in the results.
  • Our exam venue (Exeter School) has free parking and easy access. It is modern, clean and comfortable with excellent facilities for the children to use during the break times.
  • We keep in touch with families in the run-up to the exam. We send top-tips and helpful information about the application process.
  • We arrange a meet-up for all new Colyton Students. It’s a great way for parents to meet and the children to make friends. Our meet-ups usually take place in the summer of Year 6, before the Colyton Transition day takes place.

Which exam does Colyton Grammar School use?

Colyton Grammar School uses Future Stories for their 11+ Exams. Students sit the exam in September of Year 6 for entry into Year 7.

Students sit three papers. Papers 1 and 2 are a combination of English and Maths sections. Paper 3 is a Creative Writing task.

  • English: This includes reading comprehension questions, synonyms, antonyms and cloze texts (texts with mising words or letters).
  • Maths: The content is in line with the National Curriculum and covers a variety of curriculum areas.
  • Creative writing from a prompt.

Answers are recorded onto answer sheets. Papers 1 and 2 are separated into timed sections, and each section focusses on a different English or Maths skill. There is a mix of multiple choice and write in answers (with boxes for numbers or letters).

Can my child sit both the Colyton and the Torquay 11+ exam?

Yes! Your child can prepare for both schools! It is extremely likely that the Torquay Exam and the Colyton Exam will take place on different Saturdays in September.  Just remember to complete a separate application form for both schools by visiting their websites.  The exams at Torquay are different so visit our Torquay Mock Exam page to book Torquay-style mock exams. 

Why sit mock exams?

Students who sit mock 11+ exams have a huge advantage in the real exam. The more mock exams your child sits, the greater exposure they will have to the range and style of 11+ questions.

Our 11+ mock exams will boost your child’s confidence for the real exam. They are absolutely invaluable for the experience they give your child in what it’s like to sit in an exam hall and complete the tests under timed conditions, using a multiple choice answer sheet.

The mock exams are a true example of the real exams taken at Colyton Grammar School. Your child will take the exam papers and answers away with them at the end of the mock exam. Our comprehensive feedback will identify your child’s areas of strength and those areas that require more work.
11+ mock exams

“Really well organised. Very quick turnaround of results. Essential experience for students planning to sit the exam 
Emily, 11+ parent

How will I get feedback?

Your child will take the exam papers and the answer booklet away with them on the day.

Usually the same evening, and always within 48 hours, you will be emailed detailed and specific feedback on a printable pdf.

The feedback will contain the following information:

  • scores and percentages for each section of the exam
  • overall exam analysis highlighting areas of strength and areas for development
  • an indication of where your child scored alongside the others doing the exam that day
  • an indication of your child’s age alongside others doing the exam that day
  • detailed creative writing feedback with personalised targets 

How many exams should I book?

We recommend your child sits at least 4 mock exams, although more will improve their confidence greatly as they will be exposed to a wider variety of the styles of questions asked. Results show that children who sit more exams have a greater chance of success in the real exam.

Our advice is to book exams in April and May to establish areas on which to work. This will give you plenty of time to identify those topics that need brushing up. If you are able to do this at home, brilliant! If you need a bit of support, remember that we have outstanding qualified Tutors. Click here for more information.

You should also book in August and September to cement your child’s confidence. As these are just a few weeks or days before the real exams, they are invaluable in reassuring your child that the work and effort of the past year has been worth it. They can settle all nerves ahead of the final day.

You can choose as many exams as you want in between those dates. Remember every paper is different, so the more exams your child sits, the greater exposure they will have to the different question types and topics.

How long are the exams?

Our Colyton mock exams include two 50-minute Future Stories-style eleven plus tests covering Maths, English and a 20-minute Creative Writing paper. 

In total, the exams will take approximately 3 hours, including short breaks.

Where are the exams held?

As in previous years, the mock exams will take place at Exeter School. The postcode for the school is EX2 4PN. 

The venue is a modern, clean and quiet building. It is warm with comfortable seating and is ideally suited to put your child at ease as they sit the exam. There is free parking for drop-off and pick-up and easy access. 

Book your Colyton mock 11+ exams here

  • Your child does not need to be studying with us – anyone can sit our mock exams.
  • No need to register – simply book mock exams securely online.

Please note:

  • Places are limited and you should book early to avoid disappointment.
  • Please make all bookings in advance. No cash on the day. Please see our refunds & cancellation policy*
  • This booking will appear as The Exam Suite Ltd on your credit card statement.
  • It will not be possible to switch from one mock exam to another. If you book a date in error, you will need to cancel your booking (via email) and rebook the correct date via the website. This will incur a cancellation fee.

“We used The Exam Suite for mocks which were invaluable for our son. The help – support and advice we received went above and beyond. Truly the kind of service we thought had disappeared from our country. No hesitation to recommend. Professional and personal service. Thank you so so much! 
Mimi, 11+ parent – October 2023

“My son attended several 11+ mock exams and passed his exam! They are very supportive and provide detailed feedback to support your child succeed. Will be using them again when my next child is in year 5. Highly recommend. 
Soad, 11+ parent – October 2023

“Highly recommend! If you are serious about sending your child to Grammar school the 11+ mocks are a must. 
Lawrence, 11+ parent – October 2022

*Future Stories state that they DO NOT publish practice materials or test papers other than brief familiarisation sheets. Our mocks are in the style of Future Stories using materials as close as possible to the real thing.

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