Colyton 11+ Summer Holiday Workshops

Enhance your child’s 11+ preparations with our highly sought-after 11+ Summer Holiday Workshops. 

Taking place over 5 consecutive mornings in the Summer holidays, these 11+ lessons will arm your child with the key skills needed to make a success of the 11+ exam at Colyton. 

09:00 – 12:00 Each day

5 – 9 August 2024

12 – 16 August 2024

19 – 23 August 2024

26 – 30 August 2024

Venue: Exeter School

Our professional, qualified and currently practising Teachers will guide your Child through focused activities designed to develop their skills in the Maths, Verbal reasoning and Creative Writing tests. 


Verbal Reasoning & Comprehension

Creative Writing 

Each Holiday Workshop will provide your child with 15 hours of small group 11+ tuition. Each group is limited to 6 students, ensuring that your child has focussed support. They will run from 9am-12 noon each day at Exeter School. 

Maximum of 6 students per group

Each workshop will have different content 

Each workshop will have  different content, so you can book more than one if you wish.  The cost of each Booster Workshop is £285 which works out at a very reasonable £19 per hour for tuition. 

Just £285 for the whole week, that’s £19 per hour 

All Year 5 children who are sitting the exam this year are welcome to join the sessions. 

Using worked examples and proven techniques, your Child will feel confident and well-prepared for the challenge of the 11+ exam.

Frequently asked questions

Where do the booster workshops take place?

Our workshops take place in classrooms at Exeter School.

Which exam will the Colyton Grammar Schools use?

Colyton Grammar School use Future Stories for their 11+ Exams. Future Stories is a Community Enterprise Entrance Test for Schools. It is currently used by Reading School.

Students will sit three papers covering:

  • English: This is CEM Verbal Reasoning in style and includes reading comprehension questions, synonyms, antonyms and cloze texts.
  • Maths: The content is in line with the National Curriculum and covers a variety of curriculum areas.
  • Creative writing from a prompt.

The English and Maths papers have multiple choice answer sheets, with some boxes for written numbers and letters. The papers are split into timed sections.

Can my child sit both the Torquay and Colyton 11+ exam?

Yes! Your child can prepare for both schools! The Torquay Boys’ and Girls’ School exam will take place on Saturday 14 September and the Colyton Grammar School exam will take place on Saturday 21 September. Complete a separate application form for both schools by visiting their websites.

We run Torquay and Colyton 11+ mock exams. Visit our Mock Exam page to book these. 

Book your place now

  • Each workshop will have  different content, so you can book more than one if you wish.  
  • Your child does not need to be studying with us – anyone can attend the Workshops.
  • No need to register – simply book the workshops securely online.

Please note:

  • Places are limited and you should book early to avoid disappointment.
  • Please make all bookings in advance. No cash on the day. Please see our refunds & cancellation policy*
  • This booking will appear as The Exam Suite Ltd on your credit card statement.
  • It will not be possible to switch from one workshop to another. If you book a date in error, you will need to cancel your booking (via email) and rebook the correct date via the website. This will incur a cancellation fee.

Workshop Leader: Daniella

Daniella - Workshop - leader

Daniella is a qualified and experienced primary school teacher. She is an extremely experienced 11+ tutor and enjoys a very high level of success with her students, almost 100% to date. She is warm, friendly and builds great relationships with the children in her care. Daniella says: ‘tailoring an individual learning programme that best meets a child’s needs and helps to build their self-esteem and their love of learning’ is what she loves about tuition. She has supported a large number of our students and the feedback we receive from parents is always excellent. Daniella is DBS checked.

Other course leaders

What we will cover

Verbal Reasoning
Comprehension: Fiction and non-fiction
Synonyms and Antonyms
Wider vocabulary
Cloze texts
Shuffled Sentences
*Through teacher-led teaching, activities, games, practice questions and timed practice.

Creative Writing 

Writing from a prompt & exploring a range of prompts

Planning and managing time

Settings, characters, atmosphere

Vocabulary, sentence structure, descriptive devices, paragraphing, grammar and punctuation. 

Editing and improving writing 

Mental Maths Strategies practice
Understanding word problems
*Through teacher-led teaching, activities, games, practice questions and timed practice.

Number knowledge: Place value; rounding; multiply and divide by 10, 100 & 1000; negative numbers; squared and cubed numbers; factors, multiples and primes.

Calculations: Written and mental calculation strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Working with numbers: Fractions; Algebra; Number Sequences; Fractions, decimals and percentages

Shape, space and measure: 2D & 3D shapes; Symmetry; Angles; Area, volume, perimeter; Co-ordinates & Transformations; Units of measure and Time

Data handling: Graphs; Pie charts; Ratio and proportion

*Through teacher-led teaching, activities, games, practice questions and timed practice.

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